Saturday, January 9, 2010

Art's Birthday at The Happy Tea House

Please let me know if you'd like to attend this event. THTH - The Happy Tea House 17 Jan 2010

We're presenting craft, art and poetry, with teas and cake available too all at a reasonable price,
plus some of the art and craft is 'make an offer', (and be nice to us) then you could get a great piece at a price you can afford.

It is also Art's Birthday on 17th January, (a Sunday), co-incidentally, which was explained to me by a friend visiting from France. They have birthdays for art where he lives, every year.

So we'll be celebrating that too. Art's Birthday was started by Robert Filliou years ago, he calculated art was a million years old, (now it is about one million and fifty years old). He says art was created so life would be more interesting, and he was a member of the Fluxus art group, with also a degree in economics. I love how he believed art could be anything, any medium.

Okay then, at The Happy Tea House you'll see many of the things here plus also, join in with lovely people enjoying themselves and you're welcome to view a great deal of new art and craft.

THTH is a converted sleep-out in Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand, with a large, covered entertainment area outside. We have a Mad Hatter's long table with myriad tea cups and the world's longest tablecloth, (possibly). Many chairs and a garden for wandering.

Contact me if you'd like more info. Happy Tea House, art's birthday, 17 January 2010, from 2pm

All the best for 2010 and craft on happily, please do - hope to see you, love XrX

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  1. Thanks to everyone who made the day such a success and especially to Miles McKane for his amazing assistance.