Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bhutti has a few Waywin things left, I need to move them on to new places soon, so I hope people do not mind. One doll already booked for a tea party.

We 'flowered up' the sign today, using an idea Judy Darragh gave me years ago for my shop sign when I had a place in the city. Lovely to be in the city this time of year, many people who usually live here off on holiday and so many visitors arriving.

Soon, I hear my friend from Elam days arrives visiting from France, Miles McKane and we are going to have conversations and change the world. I may present him with a poetry brooch, I think.

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  1. Hello! I found you!! hehe...
    Am getting better at this blog bussinessss...
    ALTHOUGH I think I need to create a new profile that's just "Lucy-Mae SParkle' (without boutique on the end, looks abit funny) ANy idea how to do this? Love your blog by the way! See you sooon....
    Lucy-Mae Sparkle, Of the Lucy-Mae Sparkle Boutique