Saturday, January 23, 2010

New poetry brooches

These popular brooches are carefully made to wear well, look pretty and also, they have a secret pocket in the back which holds a poem. It could also hold an emergency $20- note or what-have-you.

I've made these all round the $18- size, which appears to be the price most people want to pay. Also, if you want something more elaborate let me know and I can see what can be achieved.

Postage round NZ is $2- for an untracked parcel or $5- for a tracked parcel.

They are surprisingly light so could be much bigger.

Some available in Bhutti, upstairs 600 Great North Road and hopefully also, I will have some at the wonderful Kraftbomb next time.

The art's birthday movie is here and also, others in the series, "Myths and Legends we Live" will appear on youtube when they're completed. I'm making a series of these to work as a full length film in time, there's also a second one just finished.

If you want to feature in one of these little films, (part video, part iMovie stills) please let me know and I'll see what I can arrange. If you are a commercial enterprise then I'd need to like your product, see it is ethically made and good for people while there'd also be a small, negotiable fee. My film will be on youtube, facebook, myspace and this blog so a great many people could see it.

Also, eventually I want to show the whole film at a public screening and performance event.

I aim to find myths and legends people have made of their lives, or personas people 'put on' to live their life, or great collections and products created by many people.

My Happy Tea House is a place where I live the life of an artist, performer and writer, for instance, in a fanciful place where free speech, discussion, relaxation, art, writing, performance and enterprise are all encouraged. It is my own legend-making process, so what I do may be seen by others, talked about then become a story, or a legend.

Maybe too, the myth I'm promoting is like the punk idea anyone can play music if they feel drawn to it. In this case, I'm showing anyone may create, sell and show their work, (mainstream galleries and publishers do not have to be the only ones to do this). We've had art events here at my place for local artists too, on the front lawn a couple of times.

In my case, the invited audience decides if my work is worthwhile and may too, decide on the price for themselves. My work is also sold in other places. The Happy Tea House is the least stressful place for me to show my work however, since it is close to home.

Please contact me if you'd like to be in the film I am making. The 'fee' for commercial people may be a contra-deal of product too, it need not be money.

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