Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lyrical Brooches

Lyrical Brooch C with shells, vintage and recent beads, glass and plastic, on embroidered cotton, with tulle and sequins.
Lyrical Brooch D - wooden, glass and plastic beads, silk fabric with tulle and sequins. Sold.

A secret poem is concealed in the back of all these brooches. Read my poetry online, Raewyn Alexander, nzepc, for instance, or in Random House's anthology Essential NZ Poems 2014.

Lyrical Brooch E - sequins and plastic beads, tulle and gold thread. All hand-stitched.  Sold.

25 $ each, email raewynalexander [at] hotmail for more info., shipping is extra, and world-wide. They are all around two to three centimetres down, by two to three centimetres across.
Lyrical Brooch F - vintage sequins, vintage button, vintage key, glass beads, recent sequins and beads, on retro cotton, with vintage crochet lace. 

Shipped world wide, 25 $ NZ each, shipping extra. raewynalexander [at] hotmail

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