Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sheffield UK Artists' Book Prize and Festival of Uncertainty

My work was accepted for exhibition and is now a part of their collection, in the UK.  The Sheffield Artists' Book Prize Exhibition was huge according to a friend who attended over there. Dot said she could've visited it again, another day as well if she'd had time.

I have various books like this, if you'd like to see them let me know. I don't rely on these books for revenue, and am happy to talk about them. Partly they are made to educate people about reusing waste carefully, and the beauty of ordinary things.

They do make excellent gifts, nevertheless, and are reasonably priced from 7 $ and up, depending on the size and how much work goes into them.

Friend me Raewyn Alexander on facebook and message me for an appointment to see the work, or I can visit you. 

I am also making things in The Festival of Uncertainty at The Old Folks Assoc., off Karangahape Road, Tamakai Makaurau Auckland, from 20th March for four days, in situ. Do attend, it's free to enter and 40 people will be exhibiting, performing and so on. A true event for our shaky times and isles.

There may still be time to submit for this I am not sure. Lovely people, there are five organisers, do just ask them.

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