Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Tiny Titles

New Tiny Titles, shown above and below shall be available when Waywin is at Kraftbomb again in a few months, (those which remain anyway).

Waywin, (that's what her grandchildren call her), is Raewyn Alexander. She needs to adjust to her new job as lecturer at UNITEC, lecturing Narrative Writing there, Level One and Level Two. You may enrol for those courses and not be doing the degree, but this requires a discussion with someone at The School of Communication Studies. Lovely people, just give them a call. Enrol for the Level Two course now, if you like so you are sure of getting a place, (next year). Those who've done Alexander's Creative Writing course at Leisuretime Learning may qualify to do this further course, at UNITEC.

Waywin also makes Tiny Titles with poetry inspired by words people provide. 

These small, treasured artist-books, crafted with care make a special occasion, an anniversary or somesuch, artful and intriguing.

All commissioned poetry is checked by whoever commissions it, before writing appears in your Tiny Title. People love poetry written in this manner.  Raewyn Alexander has provided commissioned poetry for many delighted people, around thirty or so, to date.

Receive four to six poems written especially, in a commissioned Tiny Title.  Enquire about prices, happy to oblige.

Please ask any questions you like here or on Raewyn Alexander's facebook, or through her email, at raewyn alexander (all one word) [at] hotmailioio dot com

Thanks so much for reading.

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