Friday, November 23, 2012

Kraftbomb Sunday 24 November 2012

New cards for Kraftbomb tomorrow.

  Kraftbomb where people wear the coolest things, love seeing what the crowd has got going on, this is the creme de la creme now too leading up to Christmas, only the very best available and some prices are as low as a few dollars.

Grey lynn Community Centre (a recent building with a Maori archway carved as two figures)
510 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn

11am - 2pm

collage cards with poetry inside $5- each or $9- for two (and some old stock are $3-)

Here's one of the poems from these cards -

script a rewritten summer sky

people ran into the streets
every television dissolved
we danced the roads
our voices raised windows
tinkered built-in obsolescence

where empty houses creaked
no one heard any board complain
conversation weather
strangers taught each other languages
young people braided green

a line of unknowns held hands
in a spiral out and on
wound through the streets
their coloured clothing
looped high spots and larks,%20Raewyn
backs of cards are collage too

a couple of these have magic tricks on the back

made a few without anything inside - here's three of them only $3- each

                           stacks of them, plus Tiny Titles, Lyrical Brooches and more - see you inside
Kraftbomb Sunday 24 November 2012  - from 11am - 2pm  *smiles*
Richmond Road - Grey Lynn Community Centre, o you know it, you do, Grey Lynn end, Maori carvings outside, on the bend there....

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