Friday, February 3, 2012

Uncanny Puzzle Jaunt 26 February 2012

I love meeting new people with shared interests and recently decided to hold an event with Jarrad Godman, his art exhibition, together with a launch of the Eye Street Anthology, Eye Street Book and my new CD of poetry and music, Family of Artists with Transistor Davis Jnr and Sandra Bell.

Uncanny Puzzle Jaunt will be held in The Happy Tea House here in Grey Lynn, a lovely covered garden area with an indoor lounge off the garden too. Or sit under the plum tree perhaps? We shall place a table there. Follow the signs from the front gate, where Blue Haven the house is and then, go round the side to the large garden.

Jarrad is mysteriously cutting up magazines for collages, mentions great ideas now and then, has some fine work on the walls of his studio already and I'm looking forward to whatever emerges.

It's been seven years since Eye Street poets launched, Summer Book, our poetry. This new Eye Street Book is perfect bound and has photographs like the last one, except there are more poems and images, along with more poets, Jack Ross, Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway, Alice Hooton, Rosetta Allan, Ila Selwyn, Genevieve McClean, Lee Dowrick and Raewyn Alexander. Family of Artists is a CD of poetry with guitar and has a book accompanying it. Transistor Davis Jnr and I rehearsed for this recording for about six to eight months, every week. Then Sandra Bell provided a soundscape on accordion for the long poem, Lone Elvis. I've designed the CD cover and Eye Street Book, which includes photographs by Jack Ross, a vintage shot and my photography.

Uncanny Puzzle Jaunt is a version of the Beatles' album name, Magical Mystery Tour, since we are making the whole of our property into a place where art, poetry, music and adventure can be found, sometimes with exploration, sometimes pieces and experiences are immediately obvious. We have metres of crumpled white paper like popcorn on long strings, for an installation.

Guests are also invited to dress up and we have prizes for six of you, so please make the effort. There is a dress-up rack of clothes provide at UPJ too. We're asking guests to dress as their favourite artist, writer or entertainer. Prizes are for the Most Popular, Most UNbelieeeVaBle, Most ASTOUNDING, Most Authentic, Most Amusing and a Grand Prize for Excellence.

Some Waywin Craft will also be for sale on the UPJ day.

Wine, tea, cakes and nibbles provided, 26 February, a Sunday, midday to 6.30pm here in Grey Lynn, Auckland, NZ. Art, books and CDs are for sale. Cheque or cash only. Please contact me on raewynalexander @ without those gaps to RSVP.

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